I love to travel, whether it be locally or further afield. I’ve travelled by car, plane, train, tube, bus, coach, bike, and boat but never by helicopter! My least favourite way to travel is flying. On the other hand, my favourite way to travel is on foot. I love walking! I walk every day, sometimes twice, with my dog. We live in a large village and I will walk to the shops whenever possible.

Walking is essential for my well-being and I am not just a fair-weather walker. When we travel to a new city, either in the UK or abroad, we love to explore on foot whenever possible. We are off to Amsterdam in March and although I have been before, I’m looking forward to discovering previously unknown parts of the city, on our strolls.

Letting the train take the strain also appeals to me. There is something quite relaxing when setting off on a lengthy train journey. I enjoy looking out of the carriage window and watching the world pass by. Even a relatively short journey to London can be interesting if you are nosey like me! I see a variety of back gardens and like to spot whether the residents have installed the latest bi-fold doors.

I’ve enjoyed some wonderful train journeys over the years and it’s difficult to pick a favourite. I always enjoy travelling through the Channel Tunnel whether as a train passenger or sitting in the car on the Shuttle. I remember one magical train journey, along the coast from Portugal to Spain.

Often, travelling by car is a means to an end. One of the most memorable road trips I have ever done – so far – was in South Africa. We hired a car and drove the Garden Route, east from Cape Town. This follows the amazing coastline and the scenery was stunning. Then we followed the inland Wine Route, equally brilliant but for different reasons.

Trams! Have I mentioned trams? I have a serious love for this mode of travel and have ridden on a variety of these in the UK and abroad. Not forgetting open-top buses, another love of mine. I fear I’m getting carried away and run the risk of rambling on for too long. This brings me conveniently back to where I started. ‘Rambling’ is defined as the activity of going for long walks in the countryside…

Happy Travelling!