Facing my fears seems a more appropriate verb than conquering them. As I’ve grown older, I think I have fewer fears, and those I do face have changed.

When I was younger I used to worry or feel fearful about what people thought of me. I think the term I would use is ‘people pleaser’. Whereas now I’m really not bothered. I please myself. I think this reflects a growth in confidence. I still value the opinions of my family and friends and I wouldn’t want to knowingly hurt someone but I now dare to say ‘no’ if I don’t want to do something.

A very tangible fear is my fear of flying. Before any flight, I am always extremely nervous but this doesn’t stop me from travelling this way. When my sons were young, my husband had a contract working in California. The company he worked for gave us the opportunity to join him for a holiday, all flights paid. At first, I couldn’t face the idea of such a long flight, from London to San Francisco, but I also felt it would be wrong to deprive the boys of such an experience. So, we went and this was the first step to conquering my fear of flying.

I later realised that my fear of flying was linked (probably) to a fear of heights. This has become apparent since venturing on the London Eye and whenever facing a down escalator on the tube or in a shop. I’m fine going up! Perhaps it’s a fear of falling?!