What’s in a name?! 

Well, if you buy a pedigree dog, in France, there are certain conventions surrounding the name you select.

It all started, in 1926, when the government decided that all dogs born in the same year would have a name beginning with the same letter.

The letter “Z” was excluded due to the lack of names beginning with that letter. In the seventies, the letters K, Q, W, X and Y, were omitted for the same reason.

Therefore, if you want to register your dog with the S.C.C. (Société Centrale Canine) you need to follow the rule. However, if you’re not bothered about your dog being listed as a chien de race (purebred or pedigree dog), then this rule does not concern you!

The letter for 2018 is ‘O’.  I did some ‘sleuthing’ and found this list of suggestions, courtesy of Plum Creek Kennels:  http://french-brittany.com/plumcreek.htm  

This is an American Kennels where they breed Brittany Spaniels. They have very kindly provided a list of possible names beginning with O!


Some of my readers might find this rather a random post but my friends know that, alongside France, I also love dogs! I grew up with dogs and my boys have inherited my love for – usually – big dogs.

One of our last family dogs was the most beautiful Flatcoated Retriever, called Cassie. She was named  after ‘cassis’; a blackcurrant liqueur….!


A rescue dog called Brillo then joined us. He had already been named when we got him and we thought it was a brilliant name for him, so we kept it!


How and why have you named your pets? I’d love to know!

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