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Could it be ‘Bonjour 2021 – Au revoir 2020‘, Call my agent – French flair or What animal is this? Read on to find out…

Are you wondering what award I’m talking about and who gives the award in the first place? Well, this award is given by me, to the posts which have been the most popular on this blog during last year, 2021.

I’ve been having a look at the stats although I’m not really that much of a ‘stats person’. However, it is does interest me to see which posts have been well received.

I started by looking at the most viewed posts of those written in 2021 and here are the top three:

  1. Bonjour 2021 – Au revoir 2020
  2. My travel list
  3. But are they French?

I think most people were glad to see the back of 2020 so perhaps that might explain why ‘Bonjour 2021…’ was the most popular post. Those of us who enjoy travelling had our adventures curtailed by the pandemic but that didn’t stop us making lists of where we would like to visit. One of the things I love most about France is the language. The third post looked at one of the anomalies of English when we refer to things as being French when they’re not!

Next I looked at the posts written in 2021 which received the most comments:

  1. A mini break in W. Cornwall
  2. My travel list
  3. 10 most popular cheeses in France

As the number one post received a lot of comments, I assume that there’s a lot of love for Cornwall out there! Most of the comments on my travel list were readers outlining travel lists of their own. The top ten cheese post resulted in the discovery of other people’s favourite cheeses.

I then decided to see which were the most popular posts of 2021, not necessarily written in this year. This produced a different outcome:

  1. Call my agent – French flair!
  2. What animal is this?
  3. Naming dogs – French style!

Finally, I decided to see which post has been the most viewed of ‘all time’ – this is how it is referred to on the stats table! It turned out to be ‘What animal is this?! I’m unable to come to any conclusion about why this post has been so popular. Any ideas?

I hope you have enjoyed my unscientific analysis of my blog stats and I wonder if you have a favourite post from my blog?