From my first visit to Paris, aged sixteen, I have always been fascinated by French style and I am not alone. The most popular blog post I have written was on this very topic C’est chic?!

I started thinking about French fashion flair again when I was given a Netflix subscription for Christmas. Why? This means that I can now access lots of French films and TV series which is brilliant for maintaining my language when in the UK.

Someone recommended ‘Call my agent’ or ‘Dix pour Cent’ as it is known in France. I’m already on Series 3 and I love it! This is quite surprising because I’m not the greatest fan of French comedies, preferring more gritty dramas such as Spiral.

The series is set in Paris and focuses on four casting agents who work in an agency called ‘ASK’. The first series aired in 2015 and a fourth series is due to be filmed in 2020.

Each episode features a famous client of one of the agents. These have included Nathalie Baye, Isabelle Adjani and Jean Dujardin to name just a few. One of my favourite appearances was Audrey Fleurot who usually plays a gritty lawyer in ‘Spiral’ (Engrenages as it is titled in French).

The other aspect of the show that I really enjoyed was the style of the women. Although I have written about the stereotyping of French women, I loved the fashion flair of the main women characters. Dare I say they were the epitome of French chic?!

I also loved the way the more mature women dress and I’m talking about women in their eighties. They look fabulous! Line Renaud and Francoise Fabian are pictured below.

One of my favourite characters is Arlette Azémar who is one of the four agents who appears in each episode. She is played by Liliane Rovère and the her style, in my opinion, is amazing.

‘Call my agent’ is available with subtitles and there are lots of images from the show available on Pinterest and clips on YouTube.

If you have had the opportunity to see the show, I’d be very interested to know your thoughts, especially concerning the clothes!!