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Having read the title of this blog post, you might well be thinking that I have been lucky enough to visit Paris. Sadly this is not the case. With the rules concerning France, seemingly changing by the minute, we have decided to bide our time before we return.

I’m actually talking about another virtual taste of Paris. If you have been following my blog (in which case thank you!) you may remember a post I wrote about the Netflix series ‘Call my agent’.

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This series was very funny, very popular and set in the French capital. The story focussed on a top Paris talent firm in which the agents struggled to keep their star clients happy and the business a success.

I have now found another Netflix series to help me maintain my French and give me my little taste of Paris. It’s called ‘L’Agence‘ or ‘The Parisian Agency’. So far there has been one season of 5 episodes. The ‘stars’ of the series are the members of the Kretz family. The parents are Olivier and Sandrine and they have four sons. The three eldest sons work with their parents in their family estate agency, while the youngest is still in secondary school. Their business deals with the most amazing, luxury properties which cost millions. They live and work in Boulogne-Billancourt. This happens to be where I stayed, with a Dr’s family, on my very first visit to France.

It’s quite difficult to describe this series as I wouldn’t want to call it a reality show but neither is it a documentary nor a drama! Whatever niche it fits in, I found it very entertaining and a delightful insight into how the other half live – in Paris anyway!

The properties we get to view range from contemporary state of the art apartments, in central Paris, to fantastic castles just outside of the capital. Some of the clients are looking for homes further afield, in Ibiza for example. As well as seeing the most amazing interiors, there is the backdrop of Paris itself. Some of the homes featured have views which include the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur and across the Seine.

One of the reasons I enjoy this series (apart from the French language and Paris) is because I am fascinated by the relationships among the Kretz family members. They appear to genuinely enjoy working and being together, although some viewers might think it too much! One of the most endearing family members is the amazing Majo. She is the 80 something grandmother who pops in every day as she lives next door. I think she is a great role model for older women. Her grandsons adore her and there are some funny moments when they decide to put her on a dating site!.

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There is something very likeable about this family – the mother used to be a teacher, after all – this is in spite of their millionaire clients and the business within which they work. There are some very amusing moments, too.

This might not be the most intellectually challenging series but if you like Paris and want to escape all the doom and gloom, this might just be the one for you!