As a Brit, I have wasted spent time dreaming about how I would spend the money if I won the lottery. Seeing that I don’t even do the lottery, this isn’t likely to happen any time soon! A billion US dollars is unimaginable but let’s have a go in the spirit of Bloganuary…

This would be an obscenely huge amount of money so I would donate as much as possible, as soon as possible, to some of the charities I already support. Perhaps I would set up at least one charity of my own.

Obviously, I would want to look after family and friends but next it would be time to have some fun!

I love wandering along the South Bank of the Thames, in London, so I would invest in a wonderful apartment overlooking the river. What a fantastic location for restaurants, museums, theatres, and shops!

Living beside the sea has long been a dream of mine so I would buy a property, in the Brighton area, with sea views or even with its own private beach.

I love to travel and I would buy a ticket to India so that I could find out more about my family tree. Closer to home, I have yet to visit Scandinavia so that would definitely be on my travel list. I could venture even further north, stay in an ice hotel, and go sledding with huskies. The world really would be my oyster!

Perhaps I would buy a houseboat or a barge and travel at a slower pace.

With money no object, I could get another dog or breed dogs or open a rescue centre…

Luckily, I am already very happy with what I have but anyone can dream!