I am very privileged. I have a lovely home, in a village, in the Surrey Hills. There is really very little concerning our home to irritate me – in theory. We bought this house over fifteen years ago. It was the worst house on one of the best streets. Over the years we have made the house into a home to suit our lifestyle. When we moved in, it was with our two sons and two large dogs. Now we are empty nesters with one medium-sized dog.

I suppose I’m not really irritated by the house but by the question that hangs over us: ‘Should we go or should we stay?’ (Apologies to The Clash!) The house is really too big for us. The bigger the house, the higher the bills and the more housework needed to be done. What really irritates me is that I know we should downsize but it’s actually getting around to putting this plan into action.

We’ve talked endlessly about moving down to the coast. In fact, so much that I’m beginning to bore myself. We like the Brighton and Hove area but the property prices there are outrageous.

Our current house is looking tired and we have the dilemma of deciding whether or not to spend some money on it. We have a good friend who is an estate agent and reassures us that a new purchaser would rip out the kitchen and bathrooms and decorate everywhere to their own taste.

I’m just hoping that the universe will help out here. It often does!