Another tough one, for me anyway. I know which colours I like. I think I know what colour clothes suit me. I’ve never had my colours done professionally but I’m pretty sure I’m a winter. However, ask me what colour describes my personality and I have absolutely no idea!

If you really pushed me, I would probably say that my favourite colour is blue. This fits in with my love of the sea. However, if I was a blue personality type I might be analytical and could come across as aloof. Well, that’s what my research tells me!

I believe that I have more green personality traits; patient, easy to get along with, understanding, and democratic. Whether my friends and family would agree is another matter.

Yellow is a colour that I never wear. However, I associate yellow with those times when I am cheerful, upbeat, and energetic.

Some days I feel particularly powerful and strong. Perhaps those are my red days. I do have my grey days when I feel a bit down but I’m generally positive and optimistic.

I’m still no closer to stating which colour describes my personality so I’ve come to the conclusion I must be a chameleon! I wonder if you know which colour describes your personality?