When I saw today’s prompt, I thought: ‘Here’s one I can get my teeth into!’ Sorry, but I couldn’t resist…

I love food – eating and cooking! When travelling, I always enjoy discovering new cuisines that I haven’t tried before. Although I do have my favourite meals, particularly in France, my choices are very much affected by the weather.

We’re experiencing a cold snap, here in the UK, so my meals are currently all based around comfort foods. With that in mind, what could be more comforting than a traditional roast dinner?

I’ve always enjoyed eating a roast dinner. I don’t mind which meat we have, although my favourite is probably chicken. What I love most are the vegetables that accompany the meat.

When my sons were still living at home, I used to cook a roast dinner almost every Sunday. It became a family tradition. The great thing about a roast dinner is that it’s easy to cook. It’s just the timings for serving that take a bit of effort.

The only time that I don’t want to cook or eat a roast dinner is when the weather is hot. I’ll stick to salads then!

Are you a fan of a roast dinner? I’d love to know…