I have finally become a full-on crazy dog lady or mad dog woman, if you prefer! Zeph now has his own Instagram account @zephbc . My job is to act as the administrator. He already has 97 followers. They are all – as far as I can tell – dogs and mostly Border Collies. What is lovely that we have connected with two of his siblings, as well as keeping in touch with his breeder. The photo below is the most popular one, on his Instagram account, to date.

We have had Zeph for about a month and he is approaching his three month birthday! I thought this would be a good time for an update on his progress, mainly through photos .

You may have spotted the change in his ears! They are now ‘up’. They are also very big. I assume he will grow into them, otherwise high winds could be very dangerous for him…

In the words of Little Red Riding Hood: ‘What big ears you have…’

Now that Zeph has had all his inoculations, we are able to go further afield and enjoy short walks. He loves meeting people but is rather overwhelmed by passing cars. I’d forgotten how chatty the dog owning community can be! People are often surprised to learn that he is a Border Collie. He has been mistaken for a husky puppy, on several occasions.

Zeph’s new Best Friend is Bonny. He thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread. She finds him rather irritating. He loves visiting her garden as she has an impressive range of toys. Below are some photos taken during our most recent visit.

Having a puppy is very much like having a baby, if you remembered all the challenging and exhausting parts, you’d never have another one!

We have crate trained Zeph, as we have done with previous dogs, and this has been very successful. He sleeps through the night and there hasn’t been a single accident. The only fly-in-the-ointment is that Zeph is an early riser!

His crate gives a secure place for Zeph, too. We don’t have any toddlers but, if we did, it would be his refuge. He does seem to like going in the crate for his post lunch nap.