… A feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past (Cambridge English Dictionary).

I have been a little nostalgic recently, particularly when my photo app tells me what I was doing this time last year and in previous years.

June 2019, we were enjoying a short break in Vienna and it was stiflingly hot! I wrote a post about this trip (follow the Vienna link above) but here are two new photos that I didn’t include. There were many amazing statues in Vienna. This magnificent stone lion was actually stood beside me on a café wall while I drank my nice, cold beer!

There are many beautiful churches in Vienna. These stained glass windows, in one of them, caught my attention.

The year before Vienna, 2018, we were lucky enough to be in Barcelona, a first visit for me. We were able to catch the train from Carcassonne, direct to Barcelona, travelling through some beautiful landscapes en route.

Here are a random selection of photos, from our trip, that I didn’t include in my two previous blog posts about Barcelona.

June 2017, we were at our house in Castelnaudary, having our roof retiled! Not so glamourous perhaps but we were still – and are – grateful to have our place in SW France.

And we did have this to enjoy…

Looking back to June 2016, was a very different time, prior to getting our French house. We had become Trusted House Sitters and our very first assignment was to look after this gorgeous pair of Border Collies.

We couldn’t have had a better housesit! We remain friends with the owners of the dogs and we look after Charlie and Wilma when we can.

So, I do feel a bit nostalgic when I look back over the last few years, particularly in these strange, unusual times when travel may not seem quite as appealing and carefree, as it once did.

I feel privileged to have visited so many different countries, without restrictions, over the years. But travel comes with a cost to the environment, so perhaps some slow travel, in the future, won’t be such a negative undertaking.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my nostalgic, if indulgent, look back over the last few years. Has lockdown made you nostalgic for any particular place?