My televisual viewing that is! In lockdown, I have probably watched less television, mainly because we’ve been spending more time in the garden making the most of the beautiful weather and the light evenings. Not forgetting playing table tennis as well!

When I have watched, I have been drawn to ‘uplifting’ programmes. I’ve long been a fan of the Great British Bake Off, The Great Pottery Throw Down and The Great British Sewing Bee. I’ve even dabbled in The Great British Menu (but only occasionally!) You might be noticing a bit of a theme here…

My love isn’t biased towards programmes with British in the title! I’ve written several posts about the French version of Bake Off:


However, there’s a new kid on the block! I’m talking about the Big Flower Fight which has recently aired on Netflix. This quirky, slightly bonkers series of 8 episodes, features 10 teams of two. They include garden designers, florists and sculptors who are tasked with creating massive floral installations, on a specific theme. Each week a pair are eliminated until the final. The prize is for the winners to have their sculpture displayed in Kew Gardens. I loved it!

Then there’s Glow Up! I discovered this via the Jenny Eclair podcast: Older and Wider. I’m sure I’m not in the usual viewing demographic for Glow Up! This is another competition but this time featuring Make Up Artists (MUAs). The contestants are hoping to win the prize of a contract as a make up artist. Each episode has a different focus. I was particularly fascinated by the one which featured make up for the theatre. The participants had to make up some of the performers in the Lion King. Fascinating!

I am captivated by the way the MUAs perceive a face as a canvas. The make up they produce is an art form.

This is not the sort of programme my father would have enjoyed, were he still here! Men with Botox and make up would have been right out of his comfort zone, I imagine.

The whole of Series 1 is on iPlayer and Series 2 is currently on every Thursday.

Normal People is another BBC 3 series. I had already read and enjoyed the book and much preferred it to Sally Rooney’s first novel. There is not a lot of ‘drama’ but the two main roles are cast perfectly and the actors do a brilliant job. It awakened memories of first and lost loves! The soundtrack is excellent, too. I seem to be obsessed with Nerina Pallot’s version of ‘Love will tear us apart’. I was already familiar with her and loved her music but this version of the Joy Division original is particularly haunting.


My last choice is Killing Eve. I believe that this third series has lost viewers, mainly because of the story line. I still love the dark humour, the stunning clothes worn by Villanelle and the amazing cast. Not only do we have Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer and Fiona Shaw, but now there is the addition of Harriet Walter who appears to be relishing her role.


What have you been watching recently? I’d be interested to know? Thanks for reading and stay as safe as you can.