• I touch my face … a lot I really had no idea how much until now. I’ve always used my hands when speaking; I just can’t help myself. Now I’ve made a conscious effort to refrain from constantly – or so it seems – touching my face.
Photo by Hasib Khorami on Pexels.com
  • I can cut my own fringe My fringe isn’t a fashion statement. I have had my fringe as long as I can remember. I am seriously attached to my fringe. I am borderline neurotic about its length. When I go to the hairdressers, I reiterate, on every occasion, how important it is to just cut one millimetre, from my fringe, at a time. I am not joking nor exaggerating. I have one friend – and only one – who I trust to cut my fringe. However, needs must and with help from YouTube and my trusty hairdressing scissors I have made the cut with, surprisingly, satisfactory results.
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  • I can continue to exercise I love my Zumba and Fit Step classes and, thanks to Zoom, our teacher is able to stream classes direct to my living room. Brilliant!
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  • I can breathe using alternate nostrils I have been practising this yogic breathing with the help of YouTube demonstrations. This technique helps to calm the mind, lessen anxiety and lower the heart rate.
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  • I can do jigsaws online The last time I completed a jigsaw was probably as a child, on a family holiday! This activity was recommended by a friend. I didn’t even know online jigsaws existed. I actually find this is quite a mindful activity. I have rationed myself to one a day.
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Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you are safe and well xx

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