I don’t usually make New Year resolutions ( I’m always aiming to drink more water!) but I do like to look back at my blog and see which posts have been the most popular during the year.

For 2019, here are the posts which have had the highest number of views. This doesn’t include the home page, nor posts that were written before 2019. I’ve included links in case you haven’t read them and would like to have a look.

  1. 36 hours in Perpignan 
  2. The top 20 first names in France
  3. Heatwave

I then decided to take my (highly unscientific) analysis a stage further. This time, I looked at those posts that had had the most views in 2019 but might have been published earlier. Are you still with me?!

  1. What animal is this?
  2. Les parapluies de Carcassonne
  3. 36 hours in Perpignan

Finally, I was interested to see which posts were the most popular ‘of all time’, in other words since I began writing the blog.

  1. C’est chic?
  2. Le meilleur Patissier or the Great British Bake Off French Style
  3. What animal is this?

I’m not sure what – if any – conclusions can be reached from my findings but if you are a regular reader, I’d be very interested to know if you have a favourite post.

At the beginning of 2019 I was intending to change the theme of my blog and I did! I was very pleased with the result and have had lots of positive feedback. Unfortunately, I didn’t update my home page nor my photo. Must do better this year!

I still love writing my blog and thank you to everyone who pops by. I also love reading your comments, so please keep them coming if you can.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.