Well, we’ve only gone and done it!


Bought a house in France. Should I change the name of this blog, I wonder? Should FancyingFrance become LivingthedreamFrance? I’ve no idea! Any suggestions welcome.

Our house is in SW France, in Castelnaudary , in between Toulouse and Carcassone. If we stand in the front garden we can see the Pyrénées on the horizon and if we walk out of our back garden gate, we are on the towpath alongside the Canal du Midi. More details to follow!

Having a home here is somewhat bitter sweet as my dream has been financed by an inheritance. Enough said…

Anyway, I’m having moments of sheer joy, followed by others of feeling overwhelmed with everything we have to do and, equally, appreciating so much what we have. Watch this space!

18 thoughts on “Well, we’ve only gone and done it!

  1. Congrats! I’m so jealous–but in the nicest way!! Seriously. I’m so happy for you..and keep the name of your blog because you can still live there and fancy it even more!!! Oh man, I can’t wait to read about your moving in journey!!!!! I’m going to toast to you later when we have our aperitifs!


    • Thank you so much! I forgot to say in my excited state of mind that we won’t be living permanently in France but will be dividing our time with our home in the UK. Our youngest son is still at home and my mother in law is still going strong, in her nineties! Our new house is in a ‘shabby-chic’ part of SW France, more shabby than chic but I love it! Who knows, maybe if you’re in your part of the South of France & I’m in mine, we could meet half way. I’m sure there’d be lots of laughter. xx


  2. Felicitations! How exciting for you! Please keep your posts coming as you live the dream, which may upon occasion be a nightmare, but will undoubtedly mostly be a dream come true.


    • Thank you for commenting, Peggy. It is exciting but there will be some nightmares, along the way, I’m sure! I forgot to say in my excited state of mind that we won’t be living permanently in France but will be dividing our time with our home in the UK. Our youngest son is still at home and my mother in law is still going strong, in her nineties,so it won’t be a total relocation!


  3. Oh wow, June, how wonderful for you. That’s a lovely area. We have friends who have lived permanently in the Lot valley for decades. (They’re now in Moissac). And another friend with a place in Carcassonne, which like you they use for part of the year. We’re aiming to visit France a lot more in the coming years so who knows….

    And, you know, sad as these times are (you hinted) it’s a very good and positive way to use the money. Enjoy! France at its best is so beautiful – and then there’s the food!


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Penny. Perhaps we could meet up with Catherine (Atypical 60) in France and have a bloggers’ get together. I’m sure there would be lots of laughter!


  4. Wow, sooo jealous! Castelnaudary and the entire region is so beautiful and warm, we camped around there outside of Carcassone before we had the kids (and had the obligatory cassoulet in your very town). Your house looks gorgeous!


    • Thank you so much for your comment and I’m delighted to hear that you know the area and the town and have even had cassoulet! I would describe our house as shabby-chic, with an emphasis on shabby but it will be great fun decorating and furnishing the property. We will be dividing our time between the UK and France and hope that our family and friends will make good use of it when we’re not there.

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  5. I Love this Post! I faithfully read the French Properties for Sale sites and dream about the possibilities…some are very rugged…scary even…but for the liveable ones I try to get my husband on board. His question is always, So What are the Taxes?? Hmmm…anyway, good for You! Can’t wait to follow along. Oh, and I love the Name of Your Blog – in my opinion, It’s a Keeper! 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment, Jeanne. Your husband probably has a point but we haven’t moved here 100%. We still have our home in the UK and will divide our time between the two countries, partly because our sons are over there but also because if we spend more than six months over here we have pay a large amount of tax in both places! I think we’re very very lucky to have the best of both worlds! I also think you’re right about the name of the blog…


  6. Congratulations on taking the leap! It’s a marvellous area that you’ve moved to. We were on holiday there a few years ago and on one of the days, took a bike ride down that path that probably runs outside your new house. So beautiful! It’s so great that you can live part time in France and part-time in the UK. that way you get the best of both worlds. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. We feel really privileged to be able to have a home in France and it really was the location that convinced us to buy where we did. To be able to walk out of our back gate and alongside the Canal du Midi is wonderful!


  7. What a wonderful first post to read on your blog! Well done on achieving your dream. Do keep the blog name as it is I think it’s great and you can still fancy France even if you own property. You’ve bought in such a lovely area I’m really rather jealous (even if I also live in a wonderful area!) Thanks for linking to #AllAboutFrance I hope you find lots of interesting posts to read and come back again next month.


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