…..With stripes, that is?

One of my earliest posts was about: La Marinière; Breton or striped T shirts.


I’ve always been a fan of the striped top. When I used to teach French, some of my pupils thought that my love for a Breton top, indicated that I actually was French!!!

However, when trying to declutter my wardrobe, recently, I began to wonder if my love of stripes is getting out of hand.

These are just some of my striped tops and jumpers. Yes, there are more – in the wash and waiting to be ironed! I even have one that arrived in the post this week that I haven’t worn, yet..

I am not a fashion blogger, as you may be able to tell from the quality of this photo!


This isn’t my photo. It’s far too good! Perhaps I should have put my tops on hangers…

This was my next effort. Artfully arranged in a pile!

In truth, only one of these tops is an authentic French top:


Here is the label to prove it:


Here’s another one of their tops being modelled by a French man, possibly?!

Purely for your viewing pleasure!

Are you a fan of striped, Breton tops? I’d love to know….