For January, I took part in the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge. This meant publishing a post every day, for 31 days. I have never done this before and I enjoyed the experience. We were given a daily prompt to inspire us. Some of these prompts were fun and some were more challenging. I did – to my surprise – manage to produce a post every day. This post was one of the most popular.

I speak French and I love speaking French! I lived in France for two years and I’m fortunate to have a house there. I take every opportunity I can to practise and improve my skills in this language. I feel like a different person when I’m speaking French.

The other language I ‘speak’ is Spanish but not very well! I can get by in a Spanish-speaking country if I’m on holiday, but not confidently.

There are so many languages I wish I could speak, and I’m envious of multilingual people!

However, if I have to choose one, Italian is the language I wish could speak. I love the sounds of Italian when it is spoken. It is like music to my ears!

Italian is a Romance language, derived from Latin and therefore related to French and Spanish. It has an intrinsic beauty that appeals to me. It is linked to art, culture, and history for which Italy is famous.

And the delicious food! If I could speak Italian, it would be so useful when studying a menu and ordering in a restaurant.

Italian is not only the voice of great artists, writers, and poets but also of the world of fashion, cinema and cars.

Last, but not least, Italian is the language of love!

What language do you wish you could speak?