I love my family, my friends, and my dog, but I show them love in different ways.

Of course, I like to buy presents for those I love but not just at Christmas or for birthdays, but because I might see something that I think they would appreciate or that would make them happy.

I show my love by listening and focusing on what I am being told. I give my full attention to show that I am interested in what they are saying.

Doing something kind, thoughtful, and helpful is another way that I show my love. It might be taking someone to the hospital for an appointment or walking their dog when they are unable to do so. It might be picking up the phone and calling for a chat to show that they are in my thoughts.

I bake a cake or cook a favourite meal, after all, actions speak louder than words!

Being a ‘hugger’ is another way I like to show love. I understand that not everyone is comfortable with physical contact but I like to give and receive hugs.

As for my dog, I think he knows I love him when I take him for walks, give him treats and cuddle him on the sofa. After all, his love is unconditional!