My dream job, as a child, was to become a vet (veterinary surgeon). I have always loved animals and I imagined I could become a compassionate and caring vet. I envisaged myself, repairing and saving animals! However, I hadn’t initially allowed for the very important fact that my academic strengths were arts-based, not in sciences.

Secondly, I was undeniably squeamish and over-emotional when caring for any sick pet. I even volunteered in a veterinary surgery which confirmed my suspicions that I was not cut out for this line of work.

Despite this setback, I did end up in my dream job. Of course, I didn’t realise at the time that this would become my dream job. People suggested that this would be the ideal career for me. I, on the other hand, couldn’t think of anything worse and for very shallow reasons!

Instead of becoming a vet, I trained to be a teacher. This developed later into working as a trainer and I loved (almost) every minute. Of course, there were challenges to be faced but I was never ever bored. I feel I was very privileged to have been employed in a job that I enjoyed so much.