When I first saw the prompt for today’s Bloganuary post, I wasn’t thrilled. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was because I have so many memories – some wonderful, some mediocre, and some I’d rather forget.I expect it’s the same for most of you.

But, what is truly my earliest memory? When is something actually a memory, rather than a family myth or something overheard or seen in photos?

Research shows that our earliest memories date back to the age of three and a half, on average. Strangely, that is when I remember our first family dog. She came from Battersea Dogs Home and was a ‘Heinz 57’. In other words, a mixture!

Her name was Trixie and to me she was the most beautiful dog ever. She was of medium size and had a silky, golden coloured coat. She had a very gentle nature and, as I was an only child, at this time, she was a great companion.

Perhaps time has elevated her in my memory, but I have had a lifelong love of dogs which I suspect came from this first connection. It is one I have passed on to my sons who also grew up with dogs.

If you have already dropped by my blog, you will know that I am passionate about France, travel, and dogs! I write about these topics often but not exclusively.

I wonder what your earliest memory might be. I’d love to know! And here – just for cuteness value – is my current dog with one of the presents he received this Christmas!