Well, I’ve made it to Day 2 of this blogging challenge which is a good start!

However, I wasn’t too sure about today’s prompt which asked the question:

How are you brave?

This question really got me thinking – not a bad thing in the first place!

I’ve never really considered myself to be particularly brave, although friends and family have told me that I am.

To me being brave is facing your fears. This is very personal and subjective. I’m not afraid of spiders, so I don’t think I’m being brave if I pick one up and put it outside. Ask me to do the same thing with a slug and that’s a different story!

I think I was brave when I left my first husband when it turned out he was a controlling person. I believe I was also brave when I took the plunge and got married again ten years later. We’re still married!

Every time I step onto a plane, I am facing my fear because I’m terrified of flying but I’m not sure that makes me brave. It’s more that I know that if I want to travel to certain places it’s necessary.

I spent a year living and working in France. I had a wonderful time but it has been suggested to me that it was a brave thing to do because I didn’t know anybody at the start. I never saw it in that way, just as a fabulous opportunity to experience something new.

Teachers who work with very young children, I think are brave! I, on the other hand, loved teaching teenagers and adults. I can remember wading into a group of teenage boys who were having a fight and needed to be stopped. Was I being brave or mad?!

And a final thought:

B – bold

R – resolute

A – adventurous

V – valiant

E – enduring