Another interesting and challenging prompt to exercise my mind!

According to the dictionary, a treasure can be something of great worth or value and also a person esteemed as rare or precious.

The image that first pops into my head when I hear the word ‘treasure’ is the stereotypical buried gold coins, pirates and desert islands. But then I start thinking about people who are classified as ‘treasures’. These could be friends, family, or someone who is viewed as a ‘national treasure’. Here in the UK, the Queen was considered a national treasure by many people.

On a more personal note, I think of people who I treasured who have died and I still feel their loss to this day. There are also those past relationships and friendships that I valued but, for a variety of reasons, didn’t last.

But when it comes down to a physical treasure that I have lost, I have to confess to losing my engagement ring fairly recently. In my head, I haven’t actually lost it; I’ve misplaced it! I do believe that it will turn up – misguided optimism, possibly?

Do you have a lost treasure?

On a different note, I was surprised to receive this message from WordPress:

‘You’ve posted 3 days in a row on Fancying France! Keep up the good work.’

It was accompanied by the image below! Only another 28 days to go!