Photo by pixabay

My nest used to contain my two sons. They have both flown away, to a lesser or greater extent. Son number one is well established, with his girlfriend, in his flat about an hour away from us. He started a new job on the first day of lockdown. It is his dream job, working in cybersecurity. Things haven’t gone quite as planned. His initial training, due to take place in California, is currently online. He is very fortunate as he can work from home but he is looking forward to when he can – hopefully – meet his colleagues face to face.

Son number two, on the other hand, spent two years working and travelling, before beginning his studies at Manchester University. He is now in his last year, living in a shared house and preparing his final dissertation and getting ready for exams.

Or, I should say that he was prior to the pandemic. The university has closed and he has had to return home and complete his work, on line, best as he can. He was studying aerospace engineering and needed access to specific simulation software which has not been possible. How this will impact his final results, we have no idea; neither has the university. Of course these are unprecedented times and there are many students in this position.

I no longer empty have an empty nest and I am enjoying having son number two at home. He has somehow morphed into a young man of 23 and it is a pleasure to see how he has matured. Of course, I am biased!

Gone are the days when, I think, he saw me as the mysterious house fairy who tided and cleared up in his wake. Having lived in two shared houses, he has developed many skills, including cleaning and cooking. As long as he keeps up baking, I’m more than happy! Here is his version of a Victoria sponge which we enjoyed this week.

I understand that this return is only temporary but I’m enjoying it while I can! Do you have a nest? Is your nest empty? Have some of your ‘chicks’ returned? I’d love to know!