This rather random question comes from the #WordPress Daily Prompt.

Having recovered from the Bloganuary challenge, I realise that I enjoyed writing in a different style and producing new content. Therefore, if I like the look of the daily prompt, I will occasionally incorporate it into my blog.

The question in the title made me smile. I wonder if the friends who read this will immediately know my answer. Or maybe just think they do!

When I’m in France, I drink black coffee, wine, and cold beer. I enjoy a ‘Kir Royale‘ as an apéritif or a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc on a warm summer’s evening. Our local sparkling wine, Blanquette de Limoux is another favourite.

In the UK, I drink wine, the occasional Gin and Tonic, and tea.

Of course, I drink other beverages; water, orange juice, herbal infusions, and chai latte but if I have to name a favourite, it has to be tea. I like to drink strong ‘builder’s tea’, with milk but no sugar.

When I wake up, tea is my first drink of the day and I think there’s nothing to beat that initial sip of my cuppa. If I can have it in bed with a good book, even better!

If I’ve been out for a long dog walk, there’s nothing like a comforting cup of tea – or two – when I get home. In the words of Gladstone:

What is your favourite drink? I’d love to know!