Last Tuesday, we had a brilliant sunny day. The sun was shining through this door which leads from our hall into our porch. Our front door is quite boring but I love this one with the stained glass. We had it made for us many years ago. My husband did the design which was influenced highly by the work of Clarice Cliff. When we moved from our previous house, we brought the door with us – we’d already told the house purchasers – and installed it in our current home. When we move again, the door will come with us!

I’ve been sorting out some photos, particularly in relation to this blog, and I’ve noticed how many pictures I have of doors. I’ve blogged about doors before Doors and more – Fancying France and French doors but why are they French?! – Fancying France but I am not alone with my interest. When I put ‘doors’ into the WordPress Reader Search, I discovered a plethora of bloggers who photograph interesting doors they have seen.

I don’t think I was so fascinated with doors when I was younger and a ‘very busy person’, rushing all over the place. When we travelled as a family, I’m not sure that my sons would have appreciated stopping and looking at every fascinating door, although I’m pretty sure I would have drawn some of them to their notice!

Since we’ve had our French home, I’ve been focussing on doors in our local area.

The door above was one of the first to catch my attention. I walk past it most days, when in Castelnaudary. It is the stone work surrounding the door that has the impact.

This door is in the old town. It looks very solid. It was the door knocker that first caught my attention. Door knockers and door furniture have become another fascination!

This rather plain and simple, solid door has appeared on the blog before! It’s our front door in Castelnaudary. I’ve been on the look out for a ‘feature door knocker’.

Perhaps one similar to those in the photos above might work?

Or one like this would certainly have impact!

It’s not only in France, I’ve seen impressive doors. The one above I spotted in Barcelona. Or is it really a gate?!

This impressive double door caught my eye in Vienna.

This is a completely different style of door which I spotted in the very colourful area of Cape Town, Bo-Kapp.

For my final photo, we’re back in France. This impressive door was seen in Castres. There are two door knockers, one is a lion’s head and the other is a hand, possibly the hand of Fatima. You can read about this style of door knocker here: Doors and more – Fancying France

Do you share my fascination for doors or perhaps you have a different preoccupation? Could it be windows, balconies or some other feature? I’d like to know!