Those of you who have been following this blog for some time – thank you – will be aware of how much I love perfume. I apply perfume virtually every day, it is a constant.

Mud is also currently a constant feature of my life. Last week I fell over in the mud – most undignified – whilst out dog walking. I didn’t hurt myself – mud is quite forgiving – just damaged my dignity. It was totally my own fault.

I had grabbed my wellies because I was in a hurry and couldn’t be bothered to lace up my walking boots. I know full well that wellies have no grip… Zeph, on the other hand, loves water and puddles. In the photo below he is practising his doggy-paddle. At this stage of our walk, he is still looking relatively clean. By the end, he was covered from head to tail in mud, including his undercarriage. This means a hose down as soon as we get home. Of course wet dogs have a particular fragrance of their own which brings me seamlessly (?!) to perfume adverts.

It has become traditional for me to write about Christmas adverts or commercials for perfume that proliferate at this time.

This year I have actually spotted a perfume commercial that I like! It is for Chanel No5.

I have tried to upload the advert into this post but for some unknown reason I can’t. I have looked for help but nothing seems to work which is very frustrating because I have always managed previously. I was on the point of throwing my laptop across the room, when I decided it would be easier to give you the link:

This advert stars the French actress Marion Cottillard who has an extensive catalogue of film roles, including Edith Piaf in ‘La vie en rose’. I love everything about this advert; the clothes, the dancing and the music. Marion sings the song (originally by Lorde) herself.

However, Chanel No5 won’t be on my Christmas list as the fragrance doesn’t suit me!

Wherever you are in the world, I send you best wishes and virtual hugs for the festive season. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well x