The Azores have never been on my radar until recently. I’d heard of them but until a close friend announced that he would be moving there, I didn’t even have a clear idea of where they were! I decided I needed to find out more. Here are some of the main facts I have discovered:

  • The archipelago of the Azores consists of nine volcanic islands: Faial, Flores, Graciosa, Corvo,  São Jorge, Terceira, Pico, Maria and São Miguel. My friend is living on Faial.
  • Corvo is the smallest island, covering seven square miles. São Miguel, the largest, is 293 square miles. The total land area of the Azores is 906 square miles (2,346 square kilometres)
  • Although they are located about 850 miles west of Portugal, the Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal.
  • The official language of the Azores is Portuguese.
  • The Euro is the official currency.
  • The Azores economy is based mainly on agriculture, fishing and tourism.
  • As a tourist destination, the Azores are all about nature with an emphasis on outdoor activities, such as hiking, diving and whale watching, amongst others.
  • The scenery of the Azores is stunning, with beautiful landscapes, green and lush pastures, blue lakes and waterfalls.

I must thank Mr RS for all the fabulous photos he has provided. He calls his new home ‘Paradise!’ The more I read and hear about the Azores, the more appealing they become. When we are able to travel more freely, a visit to the Azores will hopefully be on the cards.

I hope you have enjoyed this introductory taster to the Azores and I’d love to know which is the first place you would like to visit, in the future?