Pancake time – La Chandeleur

I love pancakes or crêpes and welcome any opportunity to eat them! So, I’m delighted that today is Pancake Day. If you’re reading this in the UK, this may come as a surprise.  Let me elaborate!


February 2nd, in France, is ‘La Fête de la Chandeleur.’  The name Chandeleur comes from the Latin ‘candelorum festum’, which means festival of candles and is also known as Candlemas.

Apparently it was Pope Gelasius I who helped to establish the festival of Candlemas and was said to have fed pancakes to the pilgrims who processed, holding candles, to his church.

Candlemas falls 40 days after Christmas and, in the Christian calendar, marks when baby Jesus was first  presented, by Mary, in the Temple at Jerusalem.

However, the festival can be traced back to Roman times when candles were lit to scare away evil spirits in the winter.

In the UK pancake day 2019 will fall on March 5th; more pancakes!

As well as eating pancakes, I enjoy making them! They were always a go-to favourite with my sons and their friends, whether for tea, breakfast or sleep overs. There are many recipes for making pancakes but the one I have always used is by Delia Smith.

Although, I must admit I don’t bother to add melted butter to my batter!

Bon appétit!
Are you a pancake fan? I’m a traditionalist and I love mine with lemon and sugar!

13 thoughts on “Pancake time – La Chandeleur

  1. I guess being the American Midwesterner that I am, I’m not familiar with the traditional lemon and sugar. I usually take mine with maple syrup and a good cup of coffee to go along. And if I’m going to to trouble of making homemade pancakes, why not throw in a couple of good strips of smoked bacon (that’s only for when the kids are here). And I guess those would be American pancakes; thick or thin depending how much liquid I choose to add.
    I will admit however, although we like them, we rarely have them and if we do, I try to sneak some type of extra healthy fiber that the family just doesn’t know they are getting. Oh, yes they do because I usually tell them 😉
    Terri from Missouri

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    • I don’t like maple syrup very much but I do like a cup of strong, black coffee with my pancakes! If I’m in France, in a crêperie, I love savoury pancakes and usually have a bowl of traditional cider with them. Thanks for your comment!


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