Are you familiar with this term? I’ve only recently come across the expression and that was when I was preparing for the English conversation lessons that I take in France. I love delivering these classes because I do them voluntarily. It’s great to be able to make this small contribution to the local community. I love teaching and it’s an excellent way to meet people.



I digress (ramble!). I was researching for my next lesson and stumbled on the term ‘staycation’. I think I was vaguely aware of the concept but that was all. The definition is:

“a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.”

I’m guessing that the term originated from the States as it is a combination of the words stay and vacation. In the UK we talk about holidays.

Have you ever had a ‘staycation’? We’ve certainly had many holidays in the UK, particularly when our sons were small and we didn’t have the finances to travel abroad. In fact, some of our best breaks have been in Bournemouth, Cornwall and Devon. Another one of my favourite places is the Gower in South Wales.


Rhossilli Bay

Of course the weather will always come into play in the UK. At the moment we are enjoying a heatwave but this is not the norm for a British summer! It is not really surprising that so many Brits go in search of – generally – sunnier climes for their holidays. The opportunity to experience other cultures, cuisines and lifestyles may also entice people to travel abroad.

Why take a staycation? I’ve mentioned finance but for many people a staycation can be less stressful. Fewer concerns about travel, security and health risks can encourage people to holiday at home or nearer to home.

I have already written about my first trip to Scotland, specifically Glasgow and Edinburgh, last year. It was the most amazing trip and made me wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner. I opted to let the train take the strain and I found it a very relaxing way to sit back and enjoy the scenery.



There is also the question of ethical tourism. Cheap flights and massive cruise ships have their drawbacks, particularly with the impact they have on the environment. Concerns about their carbon footprint may be another reason why people choose to stay either closer to home or at home.

I’d love to know what you think about staycations! Do you think they’re a great idea? Have you had a staycation? Would you recommend this kind of holiday? Do share!



18 thoughts on “‘Staycations’

  1. Staycations are easier when you live in a beautiful place!
    Travel is important for opening the mind, but sometimes budgets (or health or other circumstances) don’t allow for it. Vacations are a break for recharging, which might involve travel or not. If a staycation is the option, then all the better to make the best of it and not just let the time slip away.

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    • Especially a place like Carcassonne! I agree wholeheartedly that travel broadens the mind but, as you quite rightly say, there may be many reasons why people may not be able to travel. I also know some people who don’t like travelling at all. Each to their own, I guess!

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  2. Well this is new to me! I love it! We tend to go abroad mainly because of the weather. I love the U.K. but apart from this year which is quite exceptional, historically I have found myself on a British beach in fleeces and wrapped up in the picnic rug! But there is also something wonderfully Enid Blyton about it all. When we were in Glasgow we did however do a few weekend trips away which was lovely and somehow up there because it rains so often you really appreciate the good weather! Lovely post and great to get me thinking about minibreaks away and Staycations! Love it 😊 Katie

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  3. Hi June
    For many years when the children were young and we were really broke we just stayed with my parents in Felixstowe – which was fine most of the time, although you had to stick to their rules – hmm! Then we moved on to camping, mainly in France, in those set up tent places like KeyCamps – did you ever do one of those? They were great fun until one year we were right next to a family with a crying baby. When that happened the following year we moved on from that! Now we mix it up and like one holiday abroad a year and one at home – there are so many places to visit and things to do and see both in the UK and abroad – it’s kind of do it while you can!

    This is the second time I’ve tried to comment as on my first attempt it disappeared, so fingers crossed! But am interested as I am a self-hosted WordPress and you’re WordPress so not sure what’s going on. All this since GDPR I think.

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    • Hi Penny! Sorry for late response. I’ve been down in Bournemouth on a mini break. Yes, we used to use Keycamps or similar organisations when the boys were small, usually in mobile homes of varying sizes. We had some great times, particularly in Brittany, and it was a fab way for our sons to meet other children. If we can, we always try to take a week in Gran Canaria, in February. I say it’s for health purposes, so that we can up our Vitamin D intake!
      It’s frustrating when comments disappear. I’m just considering updating my blog to a self-hosted one. Watch this space!

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  4. We are staying close to home for a variety of reasons, including financial, and don’t even mind. The school year/hockey season is so busy the downtime is like a vacation. 🙂 Doesn’t mean we won’t get away for a weekend or so, but not big cross-border trips planned this year.

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  5. I have heard the term, and I love time spent at home involving day trips. Unfortunately when you’re working and want to use annual leave for holidays away from home, the staycation often does’t happen.
    I can’t agree with the description of a staycation being “a holiday spent in one’s home country”. That seems to me rather degrading to the truly lovely holidays that can be spent in many lovely parts of the UK. The implication is that they are somehow less of a holiday or of less value and a proper holiday has to be taken abroad. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy travelling to other countries. I most definitely do!

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