What am I…?



A mother, wife, sister, friend, teacher and a blogger.

And this is just for starters! I could extend this list, of course, but you might just be wondering what it was that prompted this philosophical train of thought in the first place. It was, in fact, an online quiz which asked “ what kind of blogger are you?”

You may well be thinking that I should already know the answer to that question! However,  participating in the quiz did lead me to reflect on blogging, in general.

I do love blogging and I love reading other blogs, as well. I have my favourite blogs, those blogs to which I return again and again. These blogs cover a variety of themes but they also share a commonality. They are all beautifully written and with humour. Essentially, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

The focus of my blog may be on France but I enjoy reading blogs about fashion and beauty, food, animals, travel, health and fitness, homes and gardens and much, much more besides.

I am definitely not a professional blogger! These are bloggers who make money from their blogs. Blogging is their occupation, their income. They put in the time and effort to make this happen. Good luck to them!

In an earlier post:


I explained why I blog and I had some very interesting responses.

And, just in case you were wondering, here is the result of the quiz I mentioned at the start of this post:

You are a:

Lifestyle Blogger
You live life to its fullest with wisdom, grace, and charm. People look up to you as an example. You know a little bit about everything and are always willing to help others out. You seldom lose your cool and always stay in control.

Hahaha 😂

Your turn now! What are you?


8 thoughts on “What am I…?

  1. I too have a lifestyle blog…I enjoy reading yours…I am a wife, mother, friend, sister, cousin, aunt, lawyer, artist, writer, designer and beach lover who, right now, lives in the Desert Southwest. At the moment I dream of owning a tiny cafe…my own hours, my menu, my decor…but that can change by tonight, or maybe by tomorrow. I love to read blogs and write blogs and share a bit about my life. Raising adopted daughters from China. Being a first time mom at 50. (yes, really) And finding magic every day. It is always amazing to me at how far-reaching the blogging world really is.

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    • Hi Jeanne. Thanks for commenting. Your dream is fantastic and who knows – it might come true! I’m very familiar with your blog and I subscribed to it but notifications of posts have stopped. I don’t know why 😥 I think it’s wonderful that you became a mum at fifty. Children definitely keep you young!


  2. A bit of a mixture I think. Sometimes I waffle, sometimes I rant. In my very first post I said that my intention wasn’t to build a huge following (I’d never have time to respond). I love the fact that I am part of a small blogging community where we all ‘chat’ about anything and everything just as friends might do over a coffee. I can identify with Jeanne’s dream – I’d love a little cafe where I decided what was on the menu each day and created dishes. Hard work though!

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  3. A lovely answer to what kind of a blogger you are, June. You have a most enjoyable blog; it’s on my “must read” list. I do 2 blogs: 1 is deeply spiritual & is really for yoga teachers: https://swamiratnamurti.blogspot.co.nz/ and I do appreciate that many won’t actually be interested, but it is specific. The other, http://you-areunique.blogspot.co.nz/ is very personal & is about having a better, happier life. So I have no idea what type of blogger I am, other than enthusiastic .

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