Today’s Bloganuary prompt popped up on my phone during a slow train journey back from London. This gave me far too much time to think about what I was going to write.

Over the years I have received some wonderful gifts but the most treasured are those made by my sons when they were young. There are also those gifts that aren’t tangible. These are the gifts of time, given by friends and family who have listened, talked, and been there for me. As I hope I am for them.

Gifts can also be memorable for the wrong reason! I’ve always loved wearing perfume and when I taught in London, I used to receive gifts of scent from my generous pupils at Christmas. The area where I worked was relatively deprived and I appreciated the kindness and thoughtfulness of their gifts. I would spray myself liberally with the perfumes, resulting in some very interesting fragrances!

On a different note, I feel that I have been neglecting my ‘Fancying France’ blog, so here’s a link to a post I wrote about a traditional French gift that is only given on the 1st May: