This week Zeph celebrated his first birthday. Although, in all honesty, he had no idea it was his birthday! We did get him a new larger antler, a ball on a rope (having lost the previous one) and a juicy bone from the butcher’s.

Of course, we haven’t had him for a whole year, because we got him at the beginning of July 2020.

Since his arrival, there have certainly been times that have been challenging, as is normal with a puppy, but these are out weighed by the joy he has brought to our household. Apart from his unconditional love, Zeph has ensured that we get plenty of fresh air and exercise. I’m rather a fan of my Fitbit and I exceed my weekly exercise goals, without even trying, with all our walks. I’ve always enjoyed walking but having a dog is an added incentive, in spite of the weather!

The photo below was taken on his birthday. You might be able to spot that he has retained one brown and one blue eye.

Birthday boy!

I wouldn’t like to guess how many photos we have taken of Zeph since his arrival! It’s proving quite difficult to select a few for this birthday post, so I decided to have a look at his Instagram account (!) and focus on the most popular ones from there.

These photos were taken on his first day with us. His ears look very different to now!

The picture below was taken by a friend and it brings back happy memories of when I was still able to pick up Zeph – no longer the case!

The next two images were very popular on Instagram. In the first one, Zeph is doing his best impersonation of a horse!

In this one, I think he’s trying to resemble a rhino – well, in my mind anyway!

Zeph is a typical collie; very intelligent but an over-thinker. He also suffers from FOMO, as you can see in the photo below. Perhaps he should volunteer for the local Neighbourhood Watch!

I am particularly fond of this last photo. I think Zeph looks particularly handsome!

I’m so looking forward to the moment when I’ll be able to write about Zeph’s adventures by the Canal du Midi. Watch this space!