I do like to be beside the seaside



Dorset is such a beautiful county. I’ve always loved it since the first time I went there. Recently we had to go down to Bournemouth for business and I took the opportunity to have a mini break. In fact, it was more of a micro break.

I had lots of interesting comments when I wrote about staycations  Many people are a fan of a mini break and equally of the opportunity to spend time in our beautiful country, especially with the weather that we are enjoying at the moment.

As Mr FancyingFrance couldn’t come down until a day later, I decided to take the train down to Bournemouth and catch up with a very longstanding friend who is also godfather to my eldest son.

He met me at Branksome Station and whisked me back to his place in Westbourne for a quick lunch before catching the open top, yellow bus that was going to be the first leg of our journey.

If you are a regular reader you will know of my love for open top, hop-on hop-off buses when visiting a new city. If not you might want to look at my posts about Glasgow and Barcelona

However, this bus wasn’t a tourist bus. It was a ‘normal’ bus! The first part of our journey took us to Studland Bay via the Sandbanks chain ferry. I’ve been on the ferry before, both as a foot passenger and in a car but never sitting on the top deck of an open top bus!

We arrived in Swanage and had to change buses as our next stop was Durlston Country Park.


This is a stunning National Nature Reserve covering 320 acres. I had been here previously with the family and our dogs but on this occasion it was mainly to enjoy the views and a pot of tea!


This Great Globe stands in the country park and is made of local Portland stone. It weighs about 40 tonnes and is 3 metres in diameter. It was actually constructed in Greenwich in 1887 and transported to Swanage by sea.

EF571562-0AFD-4372-BF71-13708420426DThis is another engraved stone that we passed in the park. A very interesting question, I think. Answers on a postcard?!

We decided to walk back to Swanage and were treated to some superb views. I love the different colours of the sea in this photo.


Back in Swanage, it was time for another bus! This one took us inland, to Poole, via Corfe Castle. I was so busy taking in the scenery, I forgot to take any photos!


Photo by Steve Austin. Free images.com

Poole was the last leg of our journey, as from here we caught our final bus back to Westbourne, Bournemouth,  where we visited the excellent fish and chip restaurant: Chez Fred. If you ever find yourself in this area, it’s worth a visit as their fish and chips are second to none!

By the time we got back to my friend’s flat, I had that lovely tired feeling that comes from experiencing fresh air and sea breezes. It might have been a very brief break but it was well worth it!

8 thoughts on “I do like to be beside the seaside

  1. I love the seaside and live near the sea and see it most days but not every day, because you don’t necessarily see the sea everyday when you live in a coastal town! I think the reason for my love of living by the sea comes not only the 50s summers I spent as a child on the English coast, often sitting on the beach in the rain, but also from travelling back from India by sea when I was just one years old. It’s kind of imprinted! That area around Bournemouth and Poole is beautiful but there are so many similar in their beauty. And I agree nothing beats sitting on the seafront eating fish and chips! The last time we did that was at Aldeburgh in Suffolk and their fish and chips is outstanding as well!!

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    • I, also, spent my summer holidays by the coast, as a child. Our family holidays were mainly spent in W. Sussex with one or two in Devon. My eldest son who who has extensively travelled, still remembers his family holidays in Bournemouth with great affection! I wonder if our love of the sea perhaps stems from living on an island!


  2. Lovely photos, June. This brought back memories of happy times spent visiting my sister–in-law when in my late teens/early twenties. She lived near to Corfe Castle. It’s years since I went to Dorset and it’s time we visited again. I love the sea, and especially just sitting and watching the waves; it’s incredibly relaxing. I get very needy for it when I’ve not been for a while. As a child we regularly went to Tenby in Wales, and when my children were young we took them to Devon or Cornwall every summer.

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    • Thank you, Eloise. Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and the Gower; all places I love. I also like Brighton and Hove. Despite the shingle beaches, I still love being by the sea. It’s very restorative.


  3. Well I was privileged to be the friend Just Nr mentions in her blog. We had the most amazing ‘pensioners free bus pass’ day out. However my friend June was so enjoying herself she really didn’t notice the colour of the bus which was blue and not yellow – but that’s mere trivia compared to our fabulous day out! Love the blog 😘

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    • Thanks for commenting! I ❤️ my bus pass and I’m looking forward to our next travel adventure. Oops 🙊 re: bus colour – must have been my sunglasses 😎. Glad to know you like the blog xoxo


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