The Rolling Stones

This may appear to be a rather random post but I am still overly excited having seen the Rolling Stones last week!


The back of my t shirt, purchased on the night

We were on a flying visit to the UK to catch up with all manner of things but also to celebrate my birthday. It was a very different celebration compared to the one last year when I spent most of the day travelling back to Toulouse. Although my husband did surprise me, when he met me at the airport, by taking me for dinner to a vegetarian, Indian restaurant!

This year we were actually more organised and as soon as we realised that the Stones were playing an extra date, in Southampton, we bought tickets. After all, the Stones aren’t getting any younger…

As a school girl, I was always more of a Beatles fan but as a student many a Saturday night was spent rocking to the Stones in the student bar!

We decided to catch a train to Southampton and then walked to St Mary’s Stadium. There were 30,000 fans at the venue, all ages, styles, types – brilliant!

Fun facts:

The last time the Rolling Stones performed in Southampton was in 1966, over 50 years ag0!

The combined ages of the members of the Rolling Stones is 294 years. Charlie Watts is 76, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both 74 and, the baby of the group, Ronnie Wood, is 70. Who would have thought they would still be going strong?

Their energy on stage was incredible, especially Mick! They played for two hours with an amazing set list, including some of my favourites – Brown Sugar, Tumbling Dice and Gimme Shelter! A friend asked me if I sang. Did I? And I knew all the words.

Without a doubt, one of the best (possibly, THE best live gig) I have seen over the years and there have been a lot. What is the best band you have ever seen? I’d be so interested to know.





12 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones

  1. Love your blog – great photos…. So glad you enjoyed it and I agree with you, one of the best gigs EVER and I have been on too many to mention. Lovely to meet you, Suzi (Alternative Ageing) xx

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  2. Oh what a fabulous treat! I saw the Stones circa 1973.
    The first band I saw was Deep Purple in February 1972 at Birmingham Town Hall, followed by loads of others during the rest of the 70s including Roxy Music several times. Then came children, mortgages etc so concert-going tailed off for a number of years.
    During the 2000s, Elton John, Neil Diamond and Tina Turner… favourite ever.
    Nowadays I don’t like huge crowds so I think that will be an end to it all

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    • Deep Purple and Roxy Music; I have serious live band envy! In the 70s I saw Crosby,Stills and Nash and Joni Mitchell, later it was Dire Straits, Joe Cocker, Paul Weller and Eric Clapton and too many others too mention. When the Stones were playing I didn’t notice the other people – haha!

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  3. Oh simply wow! Wish I’d thought that far ahead – Southampton isn’t all that far from us! But I did see the Rolling Stones before they were famous – in the Gaumont cinema, Guildford which often had ‘pop’ concerts with a large number of acts. Don’t even know if they were top of the bill and it was so long ago (something like 1963) but looking at their timeline they formed the band in 1962 so that’s about right. What I do remember most is they had the thinnest legs I’d ever seen in my entire life – and that’s before and since!!!

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    • I remember the Civic Hall (no longer in existence) being renowned for bands but I don’t remember the Gaumont. (I live in Cranleigh btw). I’m impressed that you saw them so early in their career. You’re absolutely right about their legs. Their waists, apparently, are still 28 inches; Mick and Ronnie anyway!


  4. I went to the 1st ever Stones concert in the 1960s in New Zealand. I was still at High School so it must have been 1963/64. No-one would come with me! I remember being about the only person who stood and danced on my chair. Brian Jones was still in the band. The next concert that they did in Auckland, a couple of years later, and I went with two younger sisters. What a rage it was! So different to the sedate first time. Amazing. How fantastic that you went.

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    • How brilliant seeing the Stones so early in their career, especially as it was their first concert in NZ! I’m equally impressed that you went on your own and stood and danced on your chair; fantastic!


  5. Oh I’m so envious June, I love the Stones, in fact I was talking about them last night with my neighbours here in France. I saw Ronnie Wood at Gatwick and can confirm that his thighs are skinnier than my arms….and how Keef is still alive is anyone’s guess. I’ve only ever seen The Counterfeit Stones, but they sound almost as good as the real thing.


    • I’m so glad we grabbed the opportunity to see the Stones. It was more than worth every penny!! 😂 love your comment about Ronnie’s legs. I’ve seen the Counterfeit and they were excellent, too. Apparently, Mick said they were better than the real thing! I tried to comment on your recent post about French music but failed; no idea why. I love French music and Nostalgie. I think Christine and the Queens are brilliant. Have you come across Indila? I love some of her music.


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