It is very hot here in SW France. Temperatures are currently 38C. We were in the UK when the previous heatwave hit France. Not this time.

I follow the official Castelnaudary Facebook page. It has all sorts of useful information. Like this:
IMG_0425Luckily, at our house we have these:


Shutters. These are invaluable when it comes to hot weather. We keep our bedroom shutters closed as soon as the sun is on the front of the house. They stay closed all day and help to keep the room as cool as possible. They are so effective that we are considering investing in some internal shutters for our bedroom in the UK. We do have blackout blinds but they don’t seem to work as well. Or perhaps we should go back to good old fashioned curtains!

We also have fans. Not quite like the one below but very efficient, just the same.



Last but not least.


When we were looking for our French home, a swimming pool was never a priority for me. But it’s given such pleasure to our sons, their friends and other guests that I’m pleased we do have one. In this very hot weather when I can’t do my usual amount of walking, I’m very pleased to be able to swim a few lengths and get my exercise that way.

I can remember when sunbathing was something that most people did. At the time we weren’t aware of the risks. As a hard up student in France, I can remember when we bought cooking oil and covered ourselves. The result being that we ‘fried’ and a fair skinned friend ended up in hospital with sunstroke.

Now I am careful. I’m fortunate to be olive skinned but I’m much more aware of the damage the sun can do. I wear a moisturiser with a high SP factor, every day, even in the winter and I always carry sunscreen in my bag.

Currently, the advice here is to stay out of the sun between 11.00 and 21.00h.

I still love sunlight but I find I just can’t take the sun and the heat the way I once could. Is it part of the ageing process, global warning or a combination?

Early in June, when we were back in the UK, there was a cold spell and we resorted to putting the heating on in the evenings. I did mention to Mr FF that if I ever say I’m too hot, just shoot me. Oops!

Are you a sun worshipper? Do you love the heat? I’d love to know!


19 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. I’m flaking at 30C!!! Outside it’s like waking around in hot soup. You’re definitely better off in France with a pool! If I was anywhere near the sea I’d be in it, but the buses don’t have air-con so they are to be avoided at all costs! Not a happy bunny as I’d definitely prefer a hard frost to this! Thursday is forecast to be hotter – eek!


    • Thanks for the comment, Penny. I have just discovered it in the spam folder. I have no idea why some comments end up there! Hope you survived the UK heat wave. At least by the sea there is often some sort of breeze!

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  2. I love the heat and the sun! We’ve just moved to the US, to New York where it’s steaming hot. Having spent six weeks in France last year however, when we move from here, I’m wanting to have a base in France. I just love it … nearly bought somewhere twenty years ago and never quite bit the bullet and have regretted it ever since. Any tips, dare I ask?? Katie

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    • New York – how exciting! Never been but it’s on my list! I could give you loads of tips but not sure where to start!! Maybe decide on area first and then rent somewhere for a significant length of time B4 you buy. Location was very important to us. It had to be accessible to friends and family. Didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere. Had to have things we could do and not too many expats!! Sounds awful but I’m in France to mix with French people. We had a sort of wish list too but knew we’d have to comprise as the perfect place doesn’t really exist 😂 That’s just for starters! J x

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      • Oh thank you! Yes, I get the whole wanting to mix with the French rather than just to be with expats … that makes absolute sense. You’re right, it’s the location we need to sort out first. I’ve got a rough idea, but need to spend some more time there before fully committing! Thanks so much. Katie x

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          • Not at all! Basically anywhere south of La Rochelle and within about an hour of the Atlantic coast. We camp each year at Moliets et Maa which is near Dax, so somewhere between the two. I spent a month cycling through France last summer and whilst there are areas that I prefer further north, I really want to be able to have the absolute best of the weather as my main passion is gardening and love growing everything (you can see why New York might be a slight struggle in that regard!) x


            • Sorry for taking so long to reply. I have visited Moliets, a long time ago, and it’s a beautiful area. I do miss the sea where we are but we are only about an hour from the nearest coast. I guess where property is involved there usually has to be some compromise!!

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  3. I love the sunshine and the heat – but only if I am appropriately dressed and close to a pool. Today we have enjoyed a lovely 30 degrees, however, I had to escape into the coolness of the house for 3 hours from 12 – 3p.m. – Thunderstorms expected here tonight!

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  4. I love the sunshine, but it has been a little too much for me lately. You’re very luck to have your own pool. We live quite near the beach so have been able to cool off in the sea sometimes, but my husband and I invested in air con during the first heat wave in France. It was a very worthwhile purchase!


    • Yes, we are very lucky to have a pool. I do miss the sea sometimes but we are only an hour from the nearest coast which isn’t too bad. If I was living full time in France, we’d probably consider air con but for the moment it’s just fans!


  5. I love the sunshine but not the extreme heat. Warm sunny days are what I crave. I’m very fair skinned (but always wanted to be olive skinned – you lucky lady), and remember slathering on Ambre Solaire Oil and frying in the sun; we didn’t know otherwise.
    I never went brown, just a livid shade of red. Strangely, I do colour a light shade of brown nowadays. Your pool must be so welcome at times.

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    • I agree totally with you Eloise; there’s nothing better than warm, sunny days. I do appreciate having olive skin but I can look a bit yellow in the winter!! Hawaiian Tropic is another oil I remember as being popular. I think I like to have a healthy glow, similar to the effect you get when walking in the wind!

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