10 ways to be (really??) elegant…

As some of you know, I am always interested in the notion of elegance, style and ‘chicness!’ The most popular post, on my blog, ‘C’est chic?‘explored the stereotype of the typical, chic French woman.

I have also written, in more detail, about elegance.

You can imagine, therefore, how my attention was caught by this:

‘100 ways to be elegant’

I  was glancing at Pinterest when I first came across this list. If you put the heading into any search engine it should take you to the original post, if you have time/can be bothered to/would like to read all 100 ways! As I scanned this list, I selected ten suggestions for being elegant that stood out for me. Please read with (a large pinch of salt) a smile…

1. Learn French


2. Wear a trench coat


3. Learn how to wear a scarf

4. Have one signature perfume


5. Wear pearls


6. Be well travelled


7. Wear lovely hats


8. Don’t ever lose your ‘joie de vivre’


9. Learn how to open a bottle of champagne


10. Say please and thank you


What do you think of my list? If you have looked at the 100 suggestions, I’d love to know what you think of those, too!

10 thoughts on “10 ways to be (really??) elegant…

  1. Hello June – and I really enjoyed the read on ‘elegance’ the idea of which indeed should be taken with a pinch of salt 🙂

    I think people on the whole prefer to be casual, even in Brighton, where anything goes you don’t see what I would categorise as ‘elegant dressing’. But like the above commenter I think many of us aim to ‘dress well’. Btw, in my view a trench is great but can look a bit utilitarian and masculine – which maybe is the look you want – me I’d rather be funky and slightly odd!!! Actually elegance could be deemed boring!!! Although never lose ‘joie de vivre’ I’d go with that.

    Great post as lots to think about!

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    • Hi Penny! Thanks for your thoughts and I’m very much of the opinion that people should dress as they wish. I don’t have a trench but I did have a black one when I was working; very corporate! I used to ‘funk it up’ with scarves, brooches etc. I’ve always favoured a slightly quirky look. I must admit I thought of you with number seven, on the list: wear lovely hats!

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  2. Well June, according to your ten suggestions I should be fairly elegant and soignée, (No trenchcoat) however in reality I fear this is far from the truth!
    My lifestyle has no requirements for elegant dressing although I do like to feel well-groomed and tidy ….
    so I’m going to check out the other ninety suggestions!

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    • Yes, the whole concept of elegance is an odd one. Another blogger suggested that it is possibly an old fashioned idea and I think I agree. I have an image of Audrey Hepburn, for example! When I was working, I had to be smart but I always liked to add a quirky touch! I’d be really interested to know what you make of the other ninety suggestions, Fiona!!


  3. I typed my comment and then lost it. Trying again: I think I may be partly elegant if that is possible. I speak low level schoolgirl French, wear lots of scarves (loved the video), have a trenchcoat but it’s navy so not sure if that counts, signature scent since 1991 (Giorgio Beverley Hills) though I do wear a few others, wear pearls (and was doing so when I typed the last reply as I’d just come in from a rather nice lunch out), travelled lots in Europe but only a bit outside, wear hats only in extremes of heat, still have my joir de vivre (I hope), Can’t open champagne (dismal failure on this one) and always, without fail, say please and thankyou. I like to write thank you cards too.

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    • That’s so frustrating that you lost your original comment but thanks for trying again. From reading your blog, I have the impression that you probably are elegant; thinking about photos of your nails etc. I’m sure a navy trench coat does count. I used to have a much loved black one. I used to be scared about opening champagne. Perhaps it was the fear of losing some! However, I was staying at a friend’s who refused to open a bottle (real fear of bang noises) so the only option was for me to do it. So, I did! I think I’m slightly obsessed with manners. Perhaps a result of having been a teacher?!


      • I can do a passable elegant but live most of my life in leggings with tunics and ballerina pumps……but always with nails painted! I’m a stickler for manners too. I drink very little and never mastered the art of corks.

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