Lurking in my cupboard…

I’m talking about one of the cupboards, in our kitchen, in France.

I was surprised to find this:


Possibly not the most glamorous piece of kitchen equipment I have ever seen. A Moulinex and not modern by any stretch of the imagination. But do you know what it is?


I think in modern terminology this is called a citrus juicer but, as you can see from the photo, this piece of equipment is far from modern!


It does produce excellent fresh orange juice and it very easy to clean. Always a bonus, I reckon.

My family tease me about my love for a gadget. This is true. In the past, I have had a juicer and, more recently, I bought one of these all singing, all dancing ‘nutrient extractors’. I made smoothies and juices and a lot of mess. Some were lovely, some made me feel like vomiting. Apologies if you are of a sensitive nature. I know I should worship at the altar of kale but it just doesn’t do it for me.

My nutrient extractor is languishing in the UK. I’m sure I’ll pass it on to a family member or friend as soon as I can find someone who would like it.


I also found these bits and pieces…  My research – via EBay – tells me that I might have the remains of a Charlotte 3 or 4.

Are you a fan of gadgets? Do you have a favourite? I’d be interested to know!

3 thoughts on “Lurking in my cupboard…

  1. I’m not very gadget-minded. I have a mandolin egg slicer c1976, a rim whisk similarly aged, and a steamer. There are other odds and ends but these are the things I wouldn’t be without.
    I don’t have a mixer apart from a hand held stick one.
    Outside of the kitchen I am equally gadget free: a very basic non- iPhone (recently and reluctantly bought because my ten year old one stopped working) and an iPad which is 5 years old. I much prefer the desktop PC.
    However I have fab hair straightners and a top of the range hot brush! You can see where my priorities lie.
    I don’t like. Kale either.

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    • How brilliant that you still have those items that have lasted all these years! I think that many objects are not built to last these days. I must confess I do love my iPad; excellent for watching French films etc. I don’t have any hair straighteners but I do have a Babyliss Big hair styler which is the best hair styler I have found, so far.

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  2. What a lovely thing to behold! Been away in the land of no wi-fi (Wales) and not sure if I can comment on past articles, but will try to on your Stones concert – just wow!

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