You might be wondering where I went. Could it be to an undiscovered Cathar Castle, a fabulous wine domaine for some tasting or a Michelin starred restaurant?

Infact, it was to the vet. This was a first for me. I have never been to a French vet before. Our foster cat had a sore paw and, after contacting the lovely Moira from the SPA, it was felt that we should hot foot (!) it to the vet, in Carcassonne.

This particular veterinary surgery is linked to the SPA and treats their animals when needed. I was so impressed with the set up of the surgery and, dare I say, with the rather lovely vet who had, in my opinion, the kindest eyes…Strangely enough this wasn’t noticed by my husband!

As we suspected, our foster cat had an infection in her paw. She was given an antibiotic injection, plus a follow up course of liquid antibiotics and an antiseptic spray for her poorly pad.


I am pleased to report that she is already on the mend. However, I had forgotten how difficult it is to give medicine to cats. I think we are now regarded as the ‘spawn of the devil’!

Fortunately, she is a very laid back cat and holds no grudges.

I also need to point out that if you foster a cat for the SPA, all bills from the vet are covered #prettyamazing

As you can see, Mischka is back to assisting with my blog …