French foster cat has landed…!

I have written before of my love of dogs and about my volunteer dog walking at the Carcassonne SPA. On reflection, there are very few animals that I dislike. I have had cats in the past, although I would probably describe myself as more of a ‘doggy person’ if pushed!

Last week, there was an emergency situation, at the rescue centre, which resulted in me returning with an unexpected kitten and everything she might need: travel basket, bed, litter, litter tray, food and toys.

We have even had the honour of naming her. My husband came up with ‘Mishka’. After some research, he discovered that in Hindi this means ‘gift of love’.

She has had her first vaccination and we will be looking after her until it is time for her second one. Then, she will be ready to be adopted by her long term family.

I’d forgotten how much time can be spent stroking, cuddling, entertaining  (or as I prefer to say ‘socialising’ ) a kitten! I’m convinced that Mischka thinks she’s a dog, as she follows us around the house.

Friends and family have expressed their concern about how I will feel when it is time for her to leave. However, as I have known, from the outset, it’s a fostering situation, I’m prepared. I think…

As we are still dividing our time between the UK and France, it really is the best solution.

And I’m sure there might be more kittens, cats or even puppies, on the horizon!


5 thoughts on “French foster cat has landed…!

  1. I’m sure you’ll find fostering a very rewarding experience. Isn’t she pretty, what a lovely name you’ve given her. I’m still fostering Bess who seems very at home and luckily wasn’t frightened by all the fireworks over the weekend. I’m to and fro to France in the summer so this arrangement suits me well.


    • Yes, she’s very pretty & has the sweetest nature. I’m sure you’re right that we’ll find fostering very rewarding & I hope it will work well with our current lifestyle. I’m so glad that you’ve commented because I’ve been trying to follow your blog & comment on your posts but when I put in the url of my website it is rejected. Help!!


          • What a gorgeous cat! Lovely markings.
            I was definitely a dog person until we gave into my daughter’s pleadings for a kitten (20 years ago). I became a cat person overnight. She now has three of them and they’re lovely.

            I have problems with some “Blogger” blogs. There are lots of options to log in in order to comment but unless they offer the option of “Name/URL”, I am unable to comment. (URL on its own is no good).

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