Tea and cakes

Sounds very English? Or maybe I should say British? Perhaps not particularly French, either way?

I love tea! Earl Grey or peppermint ( or is that really an infusion?) but, above all, my tea tipple of preference, is good old ‘Builder’s tea’. There are no food or drink items I take to our French home, except for tea bags; not just any brand. For me, it has to be Yorkshire tea bags.


Don’t get me wrong, I love strong, black coffee, too. We always stock up for our return to the UK. However, I think there is nothing more comforting, thirst quenching and delightful than a cup of tea.

I’ve written of my need for tea before:

Shock, horror, shame…

And the cake?


These are some of the cakes sampled by my nieces while staying in Castelnaudary, last week. They don’t drink tea but they certainly appreciated the patisseries!

My sister tried a cake that I had never come across before: un Paris Brest.


It is made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream. For my taste, it has too much cream but in case you fancy making some, here’s Mary Berry’s recipe from the Great British Bake Off:


Do you have a favourite tea and cake? I’d love to know…

5 thoughts on “Tea and cakes

  1. I grew up drinking tea. My Irish roots would not allow anything but. My grandmother always had the kettle on the stove and to this day, her tea was the best tea I’ve ever had. She would use a tea ball sometimes, and at other times a tea bag but she always steeped to perfection.
    My mother always had the kettle on the stove and my siblings all had tea in their baby bottles. Tea was always served with milk and sugar–and my preferred way is with milk only. My favorite teabag kind of tea is Barry’s. My favorite kind of tea that I make in a tea ball is Lapsang Souchong–its got a smokey scent and taste. It is delicious.
    We always had pound cake with tea when I was younger. Now, I’ll just have my tea without anything sweet because I’m trying to lose weight. But—pound cake is still my favorite eats when enjoying a cup.
    And I have my kettle in the same permanent spot that my grandmother and mother had theirs in. The left hand, back burner of the stove!!!!


    • Thanks for your interesting comment, Catherine. I can almost imagine your grandmother with her tea ball. Tea in baby bottles; love it! I’m assuming Barry’s is an American brand? It’s a long time since I tried Lapsang Souchong, perhaps it’s time to give it a go again. I’m not familiar with pound cake. I’ll go & look it up. I love that you keep your kettle in the same spot as your mother & grandmother. My family tease me – in a nice way – because I still use a tea pot & cover it with a tea cosy!


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