Only in France…

It is no secret as to how much I love an aperitif! It’s such a lovely precursor to a delicious meal. For me, sitting outside a café, in the sunshine, enjoying a Kir Royal is bliss!

Several of my blog posts have already focused on this quintessentially French tradition.

However, I was surprised to discover recently that there is a ‘Fédération Française de l’apéritif ‘.


It is situated in Paris and has its own Facebook page. Here’s a link if you want to find out more:

I must admit I ‘liked’ their page and their recent post concerning the Paris marathon bought a smile to my face. Europe 1 interviewed Christine, a seventy-eight year old marathon runner, who enjoys an aperitif, every evening! If you speak French and want to hear her interview, here’s the link (although I’m not sure about the smoking…)

What about you? Do you enjoy an aperitif? If yes, I’d love to know which one!









5 thoughts on “Only in France…

  1. Do I like an aperitif? Do I LIKE an aperitif? Oh June–you know I LOVE my aperitifs! And what better aperitif do Bonaparte and I enjoy every Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Why Kir Royals, of course. It isn’t the weekend unless we have our Creme de Cassis and Champagne. And when we are in France, we indulge on a nightly basis. And we bring the good Cassis home in a suitcase. Lots of it.
    When Daniele was alive, we would send Bonaparte down to Rue du Bucci to get the dinner baguette and while he was gone, Daniele and I would enjoy a glass of Porto. That is a great memory to have. Boy did I have a blast with her!
    I’ll have you know that I went to the site and hit Like. Only in France is right!!! XOXO!!!

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    • Definitely a girl after my own heart! I totally agree; it isn’t a weekend without a Kir Royale. Yes, when we’re in France we indulge on a nightly basis, too.
      I love your memory of a Porto with Daniele, in Paris. It is a great memory to treasure. Thanks for commenting. Xoxo


  2. We have l’heure de l’apero every evening. When you are next in France, we would love to welcome you at our holiday rental apartment in Sarlat “Manoir Fontaine de l’Amour” and have an apero together!


    • We’re currently in our house, in Castelnaudary, so it’s a little bit far to pop on for an apéro unfortunately! But you never know…Will definitely keep details of your holiday rental to pass on to friends.


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