Une question de langue

One of the things I have always loved the most about France is the language. I feel as if I morph into a different person when I’m speaking French. I wonder if everybody feels like this… I wonder if it’s the same for other languages…I’m guessing: yes!

Anyhow, we’re now back in Castelnaudary and on this occasion decided to drive down. We caught the ferry from Newhaven and broke our long journey south by staying in a hotel outside of Tours. It was an unremarkable hotel, one of a chain, but ideal if you just want somewhere to lay your head that is clean and comfortable. However, the staff were exceptionally accommodating and friendly.

At breakfast this caught my eye:


It wasn’t the coffee machine that intrigued me, although it did produce surprisingly decent coffee. It was the expression ‘nuage de lait’ which I’ve never noticed before, perhaps because I always drink my coffee black!

I’ve known about a ‘larme de lait’ – a tear 💧 drop of milk but this is the my first experience of a ‘cloud of milk’. What a charming expression!

All kinds of images came into my head:

I’m afraid I can’t credit for the two photos above. They are from freeimages.com  The cloud was taken by Kimberley V and the coffee by se hui (Shirley) Kim.

Do you come across phrases that really catch your attention and charm you?

Please share if you do!

I am linking this post with #AllAboutFrance

3 thoughts on “Une question de langue

  1. I speak a little French courtesy of working as a nurse in Switzerland before I got married, which was a long time ago (!) and found last year after an absence of many years I was still able to chat and buy things in the French language. Hoping to go for longer this summer and get talking more. I think the language is charming just from the way it sounds.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Penny. Some languages do sound so lovely. I particularly like Italian and keep intending to learn enough to get by -and it’s good for the brain! Something else altogether but I’ve tried to comment on your other blog & it never seems to work for me…Any ideas please?


  2. I just realised I commented on the wrong post because your link on #AllAboutFrance took me to your home page and therefore I commented on the first post. Oh well you get 2 comments for the price of one! I’m definitely a different person in French – much less interesting, much quieter, much less confident – even after 20 years in France. I way prefer my “English” personality

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