Missing France and A Rant

It’s been a little while since I lasted posted; partly because we’ve been back in the UK for Christmas, New Year, and various family birthdays – and dog sitting!

Also, I’ve been totally poleaxed by what has been happening in the world.  First Brexit and now Trump ! I voted to stay in the E.U. which now, apparently, makes me a Remoaner. Fine, I don’t see why should I keep quiet, surely that’s the point of freedom of speech? And don’t get me started on Trump – no, seriously don’t get me started. There are not enough words to say how much I deplore everything he stands for. Rant over…

I’ve been reflecting over the many aspects of France I have been missing and I have decided to share these in photos.


What would you miss the most? I’d love to know.

6 thoughts on “Missing France and A Rant

  1. I needed those photos! We’ll be back in France in 4 months–I won’t want to come back to the States. I never knew what it is to truly like to despise anyone the way I hate Trump. He’s a filthy pig. I’ve lost readers of my blog because of my expressing my hate of him. Freedom of speech does not agree with his supporters. He is an embarrassment, am imbecile, a racist, sexist and I cannot print the rest of my feelings….

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    • Thanks for commenting, Catherine. I’m afraid to say that the political scene in France is very worrying (understatement) too; Marine Le Pen. What does Boneparte think? If people stop reading your blog because of your opinion of Trump, good riddance. After all, it’s YOUR blog. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be living in the States. The T (tangerine?) man is racist, homophobic, a misogynist…and that’s just for starters. As for our PM, rushing over to metaphorically get in bed with him. Words fail me. However, I love the HONESTY of your blog – well done you! Xoxo


  2. Hi June

    Like you and Catherine I despair at the state of the world. And how people have voted. But I won’t either pull the duvet over my head or and this is very important succumb to my despair. Also I joined a Facebook group with what I thought were like-minded people and actually found some of the posts and writing a bit sweary. That’s not for me. We have to ask ourselves the question why it happened. And we have to understand. Note The Observer yesterday and how there were two articles: one was all about how Trump was a proto-fascist, and the other was explaining that in the mid West everything Trump has done so far has been exactly what his supporters want. Yes, I know they want their jobs back and won’t get them but so far, all is good. And we absolutely must come to terms with this and ask why is this? And of course in 4 years Americans can vote to get rid of Trump. Unfortunately unlike in the States we can’t vote in 4 years time to re-join the EU. (In 4 years time I reckon we Brits will really be getting what it means to leave.) That is when I get quite sad as I do feel as though my European identity has been stripped away from me and that my country is behaving like an idiot – cool Britannia, er, no way! But you know what, I’m going to visit France a lot over the next few years, that I look forward to.


    • Hi Penny and I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I have just returned from a flying visit to France. As always (I read your other blog with great interest) you have made the point very succinctly that at least in four years, the USA can vote to get rid of tangerine man, although the mind boggles at what could happen in the meantime. However, we in the UK will be unable to rejoin the EU and why would they want us? I have always felt European and will continue to do so. My concern about France is the rise of the NF and the hideous Marine le Pen. Have we learnt nothing? Friends seem surprised that we have bought a house in France, in light of Brexit, but I would never have given up my dream and, after all, we are a still a part of Europe, at the very least in the geographical sense!

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