Blogging: Next Steps


We are back in the UK for Christmas and, therefore,  I thought I would take advantage of a course about blogging, taking place relatively locally. Unfortunately, it was cancelled! The course was aimed at those who have been running their own blog for a while and were looking to improve!

I have now been blogging for about two years and I thought it would be interesting to see what my next steps could/would/should be. I love blogging. I like to think it’s an outlet for my creative side. I have always enjoyed writing and, for a long time, kept a diary. I even used to write poetry …

Through blogging, I have discovered so many other fantastic blogs and it’s always brilliant and encouraging when I receive comments from fellow bloggers, as well as other readers, of course.

This blog has also led me to Pinterest and I enjoy uploading images to my many boards and discovering lots of fabulous content from other Pinners!

And, most recently, I have linked up with #AllAboutFrance, a monthly Blog Link Up, that takes place on the first Thursday of each month. The idea is to link up posts about France or with a French theme. This has introduced me to so many new and interesting blogs. To sum up in one word – brilliant! If you want to find out more, have a look at:

You might be wondering what the photo has to do with the post. Well, nothing directly but it is the Mairie, in Castelnaudary, decorated for Christmas.

Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions for my ‘next steps’, I would love to hear them!

Joyeux Noël…


4 thoughts on “Blogging: Next Steps

  1. Hi June, I think it’s great you’ve keen to develop and think about new ways etc. Sorry about the course cancellation. I recommend you look at Guardian Masterclasses

    Over three years ago my other half went on one re: blogs (I was booked but got sinusitis) which was excellent, that was the start-up for us. They do others on blogging and it would be highly unlikely that they’d be cancelled. I’ve also been on one about Twitter which got me started on that, not that I go on Twitter all that much now. But the ones that I’ve loved have been a couple of courses on writing. One was pivotal for changing the way I write (from academic to a ‘voice’). There are some excellent courses on developing as a journalist or columnist run throughout the year which are entirely relevant to bloggers as well. And because I read the Guardian it’s also a chance to see your favourite journalist in person – I can still visualise and hear Marina Hyde as I write – saying ‘cut, cut, cut’ more than anything else! The only thing that’s put me off going this past year has been the trains. But I’ve spotted one course I might go on in February.

    All the very best to you and yours in 2017 – and keep writing!

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    • Hi Penny! Thank you for your helpful comment & for making me aware of the Guardian Masterclasses. I will definitely have a look at the link you sent. I did a ‘Blogging for Beginners’ course a couple of years ago & that gave me the push to start my blog. I’ve also been meaning to comment on your other blog. I’ve read every post – some of them several times – and I find them really thought provoking. I always intend to comment, after serious reflection, and then the moment is gone… I almost became a political ostrich after certain events, this year, but then I decided that wasn’t the best long term route!
      Anyway, all best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. June x


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