A visit to the mayor…

imageNot for tea, however, but to collect our supply of bin bags for the year.

While we were there we decided to enquire about repainting the exterior of our house which is a rather tired cream.

I rather fancied the idea of painting it white with accompanying blue shutters. However, as our back garden opens on to the Canal du Midi, which is an UNESCO heritage sight, we are restricted to certain colours. Much the same as a Grade 11 listed building in the UK or living in a conservation area.

Being in France, bureaucracy rules supreme. Having tentatively enquired about the proposed repainting, we were ushered into an office where after a brief interrogation (discussion) we were issued with seven pages of forms to complete.image

These are returned to the appropriate person and eventually we will be told which colours we may use.

After all this, we are thinking perhaps we will just clean the outside instead!

Nothing to do with our visit but some of you may have noticed a lack of posts from yours truly. This is because of an episode that has been labelled ‘bag-gate’. This involved my latest handbag, containing my iPad, being run over by my husband. The same week I left my phone at Toulouse airport… My youngest son said this is a first world problem. I’m sure he’s right but… Anyway, more details to follow in a future post.

4 thoughts on “A visit to the mayor…

    • I haven’t actually met the mayor, yet! As you say, the mayor is a very important person in France & their role is quite different to that of a mayor in the UK. I’m sure it did me be good to be ‘unplugged’ for a while but I’m delighted to be connected again!

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  1. Ah bureaucracy…the same in any language. And those crazy electronics…my husband fell into our pond with the phone in his pocket…major drama but I understand a common situation…your son is correct. I do enjoy your blog…:)


    • Thank you for your comment and, yes, you’re absolutely right – bureaucracy is the same in any language. I have a crazy image of your husband falling into your pond! However, I must confess that I have previously dropped my phone down the loo (toilet) not once but twice. Can you imagine…?!


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