Today I am still feeling shocked, sad and scared.

I accept that we are a democracy and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nevertheless, the referendum campaign was, in general, disgusting and brought out the very worst in people. It was driven by fear and hatred.

My sons, aged nineteen and twenty four, voted to remain in the EU. As did 99.9% of their friends. The results of the vote show that over 75% of young people in the 18 – 25 age group also voted to remain.

In my opinion, we have done our young people a great disservice.

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “Speechless…

  1. I am sorry, angered, disgusted, frightened and more at the insane vote. I am not British, but I fully emathize with you r feelings. Perhaps the three million plus people who have signed the petition for a second referendum will be heard and the United Kingdom and the world will awake from this nightmare. We are facing the same type of insanity over here in the US. Perhaps the UK vote will be a warning to us. I stand with you, June.

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    • Hi Peggy! Thank you for your comment which I really appreciate. I have signed the petition; I’m not convinced that anything will alter but it made me feel a little better. I have read some very interesting articles and commentary from the U.S. The thought of the T. man being elected is beyond belief – very frightening times for you, too. The U.K. is divided now and Europe is fractured. Nationalism ( fascism?) is spreading and history shows us where that can end. I’m usually a very positive person but I’m struggling at the moment. I only hope I’m proved wrong.


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