When the whole world appears to be going mad, it can be the simple things that bring pleasure – like going to the hairdressers.

Call me shallow but I do love the pampering and sheer indulgence of relaxing and having my hair done by someone else! In the village where I live, we are lucky enough to have a brilliant hairdressers run by an amazing, young, husband and wife couple.

My nineteen year old son also goes there, although obviously not with me! From massage chairs, to endless cups of coffee, to glossy magazines, not to mention brilliant hair cutting and styling, I always leave the salon feeling like a new woman!

So, I decided to get my hair washed (un shampoing!)  and blow dried (un brushing!) during my recent month long stay in France. I’m afraid I wasn’t brave enough to have my hair cut – apart from my fringe – which if you know me – is very daring indeed!

But which hairdresser to choose? For a small town, Castelnaudary is highly populated with hair salons. Luckily, my friendly local estate agent, whose hair always looks fantastic, was able to recommend her hairdresser. The salon was tiny with two members of staff; the owner and her apprentice. The owner did the wash and blow dry   and here’s the result:  image