I’m not a massive Eurovision fan; some years I have watched the contest and others I haven’t. I’ve even held the occasional Eurovision party! However, I thought it would be interesting to watch Eurovision while in France to get a different perspective on the contest.

Marianne James and Stéphane Bern were the French commentators. I’m sure they’re very good in their own way but I did miss the commentary of Graham Norton…

France’s 2016 Eurovision entry was sung by Amir, a 31-year-old Franco-Israeli singer. He achieved a respectable sixth place in the musical extravaganza. His song ‘J’ai cherché’ contained lyrics in both French and English, and I rather enjoyed it.

I won’t comment on the disappointing results of the U.K. However, I did feel sorry for the chirpy duo: Joe and Jake or Jim and Jon or …. I don’t think that their song or performance merited the 24 out of 26 position. But I do have to ask: when did Australia become part of Europe? I must confess to being rather a light weight when it came to watching the whole of the contest. I must have fallen asleep at some point because Australia were in the lead when I dropped off but when I eventually woke up, Ukraine had been crowned winners!!

Just in case you didn’t see the French entry, here’s your chance:

Are you a Eurovision fan? What did you think of the French entry? I’d love to know your thoughts.