Shock, horror, shame…


imageThe  photo says it all … Fancying France, currently in France, has succumbed – to tea that is!

When we came over, I resisted the temptation to bring some tea bags; after all, I managed a week in Gran Canaria without tea. However, then we were staying in a hotel which although it had a state of the art coffee making machine, it was sadly lacking in the necessities needed to make a decent cup of tea.

As we are renting a house here, complete with tea pot, I have succumbed to the call of an early morning cup of tea; there is really nothing to beat it.

One of the joys of writing a blog is the other bloggers whom one ‘meets’. Recently, I have found the blog entitled ‘ tea and scandal’. Here’s the link, if you want to have a look:

It’s a fantastic celebration of tea drinking, in the widest sense. Through this blog, I came across this wonderful quote from Gladstone:


I do also love a really strong, black, cup of coffee. So, where do you stand – in the tea or coffee camp? If you are a tea lover, do you travel with your tea? I’d love to know!

4 thoughts on “Shock, horror, shame…

  1. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a good old cuppa–especially in France. My husband’s aunt, Daniele Delorme (of whom I’ve wrote about in a few blog posts) was a tea drinker. And some of my best memories of being with her were when the three of us, my Daniele, and Bonaparte ( of which I refer to my Frenchman in my blog), would start our day off in her chambre discussing that day’s events. Daniele with her tea, loose, which I prepared in her little teapot with a convenient built-in tea strainer and Bonaparte and I with our coffee. After her passing, I purchased the same tea she drank, Lapsang Souchong, and when I’m not brewing a cup for myself, I’ll open the can and smell it. It reminds me of her.
    My grandmother, being from Ireland, ALWAYS had the kettle on the stove (as did my mom, as do I, as does my daughter) for a cup any time of day. When my siblings were babies, my mother gave them bottles of milked down tea. I have a few Barry’s bags in my purse. Just in case. I travel that way!


    • Thanks for your comment and sharing those lovely memories of drinking tea with Daniele and Bonaparte. I love to drink – what we in the Uk – call builders tea! Very strong! In the afternoon I like to drink Earl Grey which I drink black with a slice of lemon. My sister always drinks ‘nat’s pee’ tea; as weak as anything! Glad to know you enjoy tea as much as me! xx


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