imageThe  photo says it all … Fancying France, currently in France, has succumbed – to tea that is!

When we came over, I resisted the temptation to bring some tea bags; after all, I managed a week in Gran Canaria without tea. However, then we were staying in a hotel which although it had a state of the art coffee making machine, it was sadly lacking in the necessities needed to make a decent cup of tea.

As we are renting a house here, complete with tea pot, I have succumbed to the call of an early morning cup of tea; there is really nothing to beat it.

One of the joys of writing a blog is the other bloggers whom one ‘meets’. Recently, I have found the blog entitled ‘ tea and scandal’. Here’s the link, if you want to have a look:

It’s a fantastic celebration of tea drinking, in the widest sense. Through this blog, I came across this wonderful quote from Gladstone:


I do also love a really strong, black, cup of coffee. So, where do you stand – in the tea or coffee camp? If you are a tea lover, do you travel with your tea? I’d love to know!